Dream of a better life

Most people ‘Dream’ of a better life someday. Many people would ‘Give Anything’ to change some aspect of their lives. Most people think about their future and ‘Do nothing’ expect ‘Wish & want’ , ‘Daydream’ and ‘Hope’ Don’t let this be you ! Read “Success, wealth and Happiness” and see what your mind-set is after you finish it ! The chances are you will make some changes in your thinking — Maybe some significant changes.

Most people will say (To themselves ) I would really like to:

  • Get a new Job
  • Change careers
  • Start my own company ( work for myself)
  • Go back to College and get a degree 5. Find something I really enjoy doing.
  • Move to ( Colorado ? ) and start over !
  • Save enough money to buy a new ( Car, Home, etc ) .

There are 1000′s more- Please understand that ‘Unrealized’ dreams are possible if you follow the necessary steps to make your ‘goals your # 1 priority in your life. You have to ‘Write it Down’ ; You have to be specific about your goals. You have to understand that you will need to sacrifice something ( Most probably your time ! ) in
order to plan exactly how you will achieve a specific goal.

Yes, It is somewhat difficult , but anything worth fighting for usually is ! Saying to yourself, ” I want to do this ; have this ; Buy this ; ” won’t mean anything unless and until you write it down so you can read it everyday ; ! make the commitment , Do the Plans, and follow through !Remember ” If it is to be– It is up to me ” ! How bad do you really want it ? Are you willing to go to any lengths to achieve your goals ? Are you willing to make any & all sacrifices ( That will not adversely affect you or your family ) in order to achieve your goals ? All of these questions need to have conscientious and honest answers. There is ‘No Free Lunch’- You need to be absolute and firm in your commitment to your goals.

You can create a’ burning’ desire by writing down your # 1 Goal in detail and reading it, studying it – memorizing it – and vowing to yourself that success in achieving this # 1 Goal is the most important thing in your life aside from the safety and well-being of yourself and your family.

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